What is mediation? Mediation is the process of the out-of-court settlement of disputes through negotiations between the parties with the assistance of a mediator – independent, impartial, neutral third party – without power to resolve the dispute, but allowing the parties to discuss and resolve the conflict situation and resume normal relations. The mediator, being neither a judge nor an arbitrator, helps the parties to resolve their conflict and come to an agreement on their own.

Advantages of mediation: the parties use this mode of conflict resolution voluntarily and can terminate the procedure at any time. The parties retain control of the situation, save time, money and effort. Mediation involves lower business risks. The procedure takes on average 3 months at most and ends in an agreement in 70% of cases. The parties develop their own solution to the dispute.

Mediation in the Mediation Center of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Russia:


The arbitration court proceedings may require significant time and costs and has a high degree of commercial risk. Entrepreneurs need a fast and risk-free solution to the conflict. The parties involved in the conflict are more aware of its subject matter and circumstances than a judge or an arbitrator, could be. Therefore, they are able to develop a more constructive solution than ‘I am right / you are wrong.’

For whom?

For companies, companies’ shareholders, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals – anyone, who wants to prevent the conflict or find a solution to the dispute.

By whom?

Experienced and certified mediators approved by the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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