The Mediation Center was established and is managed by the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Russie). The Chairman of the Center is Charles-Henry Roy, a French attorney and mediator with professional experience in France and Russia for over 15 years.

The goal of mediation is to enable the parties to elaborate a mutually acceptable solution to their dispute through negotiations with the support of a professional and independent mediator approved by the Mediation Center of the CCI France Russie.

The mediation procedure managed by the Mediation Center is led in a short time frame and provided on a voluntary basis with full respect for confidentiality.

  1. The parties have a right to contact the Mediation Center voluntarily and at their own discretion. They can ask for a mediator’s assistance in the dispute settlement by filing an Application for Mediation and submitting it by courier mail to the CCI France Russie – Mediation Center, 10 /1 Miliyutinsky pereulok, Moscow 101000, Russia, or by email at
  2. The mediation procedure is conducted by the Center in accordance with the rules of the Mediation Center of the CCI France Russie. The Mediation Center organises mediation only if the parties review and accept the Rules of the Mediation Center of the CCI France Russie.
  3. The mediator may be selected by the parties (subject to the approval of the mediator by the Mediation Center) or from the list of professional mediators whose qualifications are confirmed by the Center. Parties have the right to choose a co-mediation procedure, in which  the mediation of disputes is performed by several mediators (e.g., a mediator from France and a mediator from Russia).
  4. The costs of the mediation by the Mediation Centre are transparent and reasonable (see Mediation Fees and Cost of the Mediation Center of the CCI France Russie ).
  5. The mediation procedure does not require the participation of an attorney. However, parties are advised to seek the help of advisors and lawyers during the negotiations, and also to prepare a mediation agreement, if the parties manage to settle their dispute during the mediation procedure. At the request of the parties, the mediation agreement may be submitted to the judicial authorities for approval (in France and / or Russia).
  6. The Parties have the right, in coordination with the mediator, to freely choose the location of mediation. In the absence of any other agreement between the parties, the location of mediation will be the premises provided by the CCI France Russie (Moscow) for this purpose.
  7. Any information presented by the parties during the mediation and the contents of the mediation agreement are strictly confidential.
  8. Participation in mediation does not deprive the parties of the right to use other (judicial or non-judicial) methods of dispute settlement. Either party may withdraw from mediation and submit the dispute to a court or arbitration any time.